If you could be in any Broadway musical, what would it be and what role would you play?

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FUCK YOU VERY MUCH //a mix for women who are sick of the bullshit [LISTEN]

I’m dedicating this one to lets-have-crazy-science, you might not like all the songs but I still feel like this is something you might need right now. <3


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Royalty Meme ♛ [1/5] Books
The Royal Diaries series

The Royal Diaries, an offshoot of Scholastic’s Dear America series, consisted of twenty books published between 1999 and 2005; each book was a fictionalized diary or journal written by the title character—generally a royal or noblewoman between twelve and sixteen. Taken as a whole, the Diaries spanned more than 1500 years and nearly every continent. They are particularly notable for their beautiful covers, though the 2013 re-launch of the series has replaced it with new artwork. A full list of books can be found here.

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but the real question is has nemo found himself


*fully embraces wine mom culture at age 19*

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if this isn’t your favourite video you’re doing it wrong

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Henry Cavill and Amy Adams ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on the set of Batman V Superman

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I was born into Bolívar’s labyrinth, and so I must believe in the hope of Rabelais’ Great Perhaps.
—John Green, Looking for Alaska

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This might be the room of any small boy, but it happens to belong to a boy named Christopher Robin.

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Ansel Elgort doing ‘that little shimmy’ [requested by amnonymous].

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